Monarch of the Cloud in 2017

What does the cloud vendor results tell us about 2017? According to the results from Cleveland Research, cloud vendors reported a banner year for 2017 that was an increase of 48% year over year. These overall results are on the high end of the 40% – 50% that was the expected targets and come in totaling $38.6 billion. The fourth quarter in 2017 had an accelerated growth to 50%, which is an overall increase of 4% in comparison to the prior quarter that came in with a 46% growth.


“I Want to Get Out of the Data Center Business”

CIOs everywhere are stating that they want to get out of the data center business and move to the cloud. Is this just a temporary, trendy shift or a long-term solution? Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, …
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Microsoft Buys Avere Systems to Bolster Performance Storage Offerings

Microsoft is quick out of the blocks this year on the acquisition front with an announcement that it will acquire Avere Systems for an undisclosed amount. Avere Systems is a hybrid cloud data storage company based out of Pittsburgh. Its …
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Hybrid Cloud Strategy in a Hybrid Cloud World

I think we can all agree that the technology world we live in has been in a form of transition or even a multiple metamorphosis, if you will, to describe the transformation from the physical world into the virtual world and now the transformation from the private to the public cloud and everywhere in between. Now, if you were paying attention over the transformative years there was one thing, in my opinion, that was abundantly clear; no one single vendor or provider would completely control the industry.