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Veeam Survey on using Enterprise Management tools for Virtualization

Here at The Virtualization Practice we have generally taken the view that management frameworks that are used to manage legacy physical storage, network and server environments should not be brought forward into new dynamic and virtualized data centers, because these enterprise management frameworks lack the functionality and flexibility to move forward into this new world.

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Microsoft SCOM as a complete Management Solution for a VMware Environment

In “Using Microsoft SCOM to Manage the Performance of Virtualized Applications on vSphere“, we discussed how using the BlueStripe FactFinder Management Pack for SCOM, it was possible to get detailed application topology views along with end-to-end and hop-by-hop applications response time in the same management system a proven enterprise solution for managing physical and virtual windows servers (specifically Microsoft SCOM).

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Using Microsoft SCOM to Manage the Performance of Virtualized Applications on vSphere

In “Performance Management Equals Response Time, not Resource Utilization“, we made the point that in order for you to be allowed (by the application owners) to virtualize business critical and performance critical applications that you (the team that owns the virtual infrastructure) are going to have to step up to managing the performance of applications on terms agreed to by applications owners.

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