VMware Takes Big Steps into its Cross-Cloud Vision

VMware takes big steps into its Cross-Cloud vision. My esteemed colleague at TVP Strategy, Jo Harder, released a post on the rumors about an upcoming VMware and Amazon Web Services press conference announcement. I can report that Jo was right on the money with her assessment and that came from the official announcement that was made, although VMware mistakenly posted its announcement a wee bit early. What I would like to do is build off of Jo’s post and move the conversation in a little bit of a different direction.


Will the Public Cloud Be the Next Legacy Platform?

Right now, the three major public clouds (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) seem all shiny and new, like many technologies seemed at some point in the past. Let’s see if we can learn from history and assess the risk of the …
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Microsoft Azure RemoteApp: Web-scale Client Application Hosting

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, previously known by its codename, Mohoro, was released at TechEd 2014 in Houston last month as a public beta. What is it? Was it worth the wait? And whatever happened to Microsoft’s DaaS platform? Project Mohoro first …
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Gigaom Structure: Hyperscale Cloud Innovation

Attending Gigaom Structure was an exercise in getting fire-hosed with the leading edge innovation that public cloud providers are bringing to their customers worldwide. These innovations not only will have a profound effect on public cloud computing, but also will …
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