Why Some Desktop Virtualization Users Will Pass on Mobile Device Management

Desktop virtualization and mobility management are not the same. While it’s true that you can access virtualized desktops and applications from a mobile device, there are some key differences that may cause users to rethink how much work they will …
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Mobility Bytes – Citrix’s Mobile Strategy Has Sharp Teeth & It’s Attacking from Every Side

As you can probably tell from the title, Citrix is leveraging their biggest advantages in the mobility/BYOD race: their understanding of ALL client operating systems, multimedia in both SBC and VDI environments, and their established partnerships with hardware and OS vendors. In a conversation (you can listen to it yourself by clicking the audio file above) I had with Chris Fleck, VP Mobility & Alliances at Citrix (@chrisfleck), we spent an hour talking about the various methods Citrix has decided to use to manage mobile devices in both multi-user and multi-OS virtual environments, while extending their function from consumption to productivity. Oh, yeah, they have also changed their product and technology names to reflect their commitment to mobility; shocking I know.