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Citrix Workspace Hub

Citrix is back in hardware mode. Risking the wrath of the demo gods, Citrix CEO Mark Templeton and head of emerging technologies Chris Fleck took to the stage at Citrix Synergy last month to show off their latest toy—the Citrix Workspace Hub. This potentially game-changing new product does for the real world what until now only Tony Stark could do for the Marvel Universe.

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Feel the Fireworks! Mark Templeton Remains CEO of Citrix

Many people in the virtualization industry have been Citrites—past or present Citrix employees—at some point in their career, and a good number of others have been involved with a Citrix partner. But regardless of their roles in the virtualization industry, all have felt the impact that Mark Templeton has had in transforming a startup company with an outlandish concept called server-based computing into the virtualization powerhouse it is today.

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