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Make vSphere Free. Can VMware Sell Only Support?

Last month, I suggested that VMware could help itself and its customers by opening up. How about if it transformed completely? Could VMware survive if vSphere were free and it only charged for support? What if VMware embraced the idea that hypervisors are a commodity and focused on revenue from management and automation products? What if vSphere didn’t have a lot of different editions?

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VMware Spring + Google: Dramatic PaaS Progress and New SMT Concerns

The previous post Secure Mutli-Tenant Virtualization – How to get there?, was only concerned with Infrastructure as a Service however the new announcement from VMware SpringSource and Google leads to one of the first Platform as a Service that has simplified the motion of applications between different cloud providers, provided the basis for the application exists within the environment. That basis is Spring. Applications built on Spring can now run on Google AppEngine, VMware Clouds such as VMforce, VMware vSphere infrastructures, and other participating clouds.

This is a Wow! moment for the adoption of Java based PaaS Cloud as any real kind of interoperability across these clouds  has been lagging by a large margin. For PaaS and Applications built using the Spring PaaS a solution has been found.

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