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To Cloud or not to Cloud, Better Yet, What is a Cloud?

While doing a quick Google search to find what a Cloud is, I have found several different definitions which depend on which vendor site you pull up.  One thing is for sure despite the frequent use of the term, it still means different things to different people and or companies. For my reference point I am going to use the National Institute of Standards and Technology definition referenced by Texiwill’s NIST Cloud Computing Definitions Final article.

If you look at some of the different cloud providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and VMware they are each building their own version of the cloud. Some methods will utilize virtualization and others will not.  One thing I know for sure is that the cloud will need to be dynamically scalable and will need to be delivered on demand over the internet.  A believe most, if not all of these cloud providers will be running hybrid clouds that will be made up of public, private and quite possibly community clouds as well.

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