Secure Agile Cloud Development: Metrics

Secure Agile Cloud Development takes Agile and DevOps to the next level. It is about code quality, based not just on what the developers test, but also on the application of continuous testing and on dynamic and static code analysis. …
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Adallom: Visibility into Your SaaS Provider Instance

Tal Klein of Adallom joined us on the January 16 Virtualization Security Podcast to discuss Adallom’s approach to logging, auditing, and generally gaining visibility within most SaaS applications. Adallom solves two longstanding problems: how can we as tenants obtain appropriate …
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Securing the Hybrid Cloud

The secure hybrid cloud encompasses a complex environment with a complex set of security requirements spanning the data center (or data closet), end user computing devices, and various cloud services. The entry point to the entire hybrid cloud is some form of End User Computing device whether that is a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or even a desktop computer. Once you enter the hybrid cloud, you may be taken to a cloud service or to your data center. The goal is to understand how the data flows through out this environment in order to properly secure it and therefore secure the hybrid cloud, but since it is a complex environment, we need a simpler way to view this environment.