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Data Locality Is Impacted by vMotion

This is the third article in a series about data locality in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). In the first article, I discussed basic math around storage network IO and the effect of data locality on the storage network load. In the second, I examined the impact of HCI configurations with more than two copies of data. I’ll wrap up with a look at how data locality is usually incomplete and at a special case of data locality.

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Are the Cloud Bambies Waking Up to Enterprise Requirements?

Google has delivered live migration in its Google Compute Engine cloud offering. Now comes word from Barb Darrow at Gigaom that Amazon is working on live migration as well. Is it possible that the cloud bambies are waking up to the fact that not all applications are stateless and that for many applications, shutting down instances is simply unacceptable? Are the cloud bambies waking up to enterprise requirements for availability and performance management?

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VirtualBox adds Live Migration – Why?

The team at Sun continue to update VirtualBox – 3 releases in 1 month.  Of these the 3.0.12 release (November 17) and the 3.1.2 release (December 17) were maintenance releases with bug-fixes, whereas the 3.1.0 release (November 30) was a fairly substantial release containing new features, including Live Migration.

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