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Lifecycle What?

Since its inception, virtualization has changed the information technology landscape in many ways.  With all the good that virtualization brings to the table, in some ways, it has made our jobs too efficient. One example is the ease and speed that we are able to deploy new servers.  No longer are we waiting on physical hardware to arrive for a new deployment.  We can “clone” our golden image in a matter of minutes and be on our way.

With the ease that virtualization brings to the table, it also introduces new issues into our day to day life as the administrator and care takers of the environment.  Life Cycle Management can be one of those very issues.  I have worked in several different types of environments over the years. One client, in particular, had life cycle management down to a science for any and all servers in the infrastructure.  Every month, we would get the monthly decommission list of all virtual and physical servers slated for end of life. It took longer to fill out the paper work than to actually get rid of the server.

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Cloud Computing and the End Run around IT – Here We Go Again

I was in this industry when the IBM PC was launched in the early 1980’s. As soon as the first model was replaced with one that had a 5 MB (imagine that) hard disk, and the first personal productivity applications came out (WordPerfect, VisiCalc, and Harvard Graphics) the IBM PC morphed from a toy to a serious tool that users and businesses could use to enhance their productivity through computing without having to plead for resources and support from what was then a mainframe and mini-computer dominated data center.

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