Host Only Supports 1 vCPU: Licensing?

I had a fun day resolving a licensing issue for a client. This one was a little different than I had seen in the past. The cluster is question is an eight node cluster running ESX 3.5. The error message that I received when trying to perform a vMotion was “Unable to migrate from HostA to HostB: Virtual machine has 2 virtual CPUs, but the host only supports 1. The number of virtual CPU’s may be limited by the guest OS selected for the virtual machine or by the licensing for the host.”


ThinApp – Licensing Issues – Ethics do not ship with the code

The recent VMware Communities Podcast had ThinApp engineers on the call. Their mantra when presented with questions on licensing was “Ethics do not ship with the code.” In other words, applications that could end up as ThinApps could violate your End User License Agreements (EULA).