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Anti-Privacy Legislation Impacts

The latest Virtualization and Cloud Security Podcast featured a conversation about the recent Congressional repeal of FCC regulations governing privacy. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could collect, mine, and sell your search and browser history without your knowledge. This bill has not been signed into law yet. Some would see it as opening the doors on competitiveness with Google. Others would see it as making it easier to get your data. Outside of law enforcement, which already has its means, could others buy this data from your ISP? What is the impact on a business? More importantly, what can you do about it? We were joined by fellow Tech Field Day delegate Jody Lemoine, an independent network engineer who happens to live in Canada, to shed some light from a viewpoint outside the United States.

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Cloud Computing Providers — are they content providers or carriers?

Last month Verizon expanded its Computing as a Service (CaaS) cloud computing offering. The expansion itself is not surprising. The interesting tidbit is that Verizon has Carrier Status and therefore different laws apply to them than any other cloud provider that does not have this status, such as Amazon EC2, Terramark, etc.  Will cloud computing providers be the next internet service provider? If so will they have to petition to not be responsible for the content within their clouds, as did internet service providers  with the battle that ensued over the Communications Decency Act?

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