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HCI Will Chase You up the Stack

I really do not see hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as the final product for the leading vendors. It is more of a minimum viable product than a finished solution. Converging compute and storage has made infrastructure management easier, but there is still a whole lot of IT that is not easier. I sometimes tell people that their role is changing or going away after they deploy HCI. I usually tell them to move up the stack. Up the stack is closer to the business that employs them and uses the IT. Up the stack is getting closer to the applications and the data, and then to the users. The next move for HCI vendors is to move up that stack to make application development, deployment, and operation easier.

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My Thoughts on the Google Horizon Event

I was fortunate enough to attend an invite-only Google event to get briefed on numerous announcements pertaining to Google’s cloud services. The announcements included updates on products ranging from Google Docs to Google’s public cloud offering. Additional information was shared on Google’s go-to-market strategy and staffing ambitions as it gears up to gain ground on AWS and Azure over the next few years.

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Selling Containers Is Hard

How do you distribute an application that uses containers? This seems to be an odd question. Container-based applications are usually associated with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and public cloud deployment. However, there is still a place for software that is purchased and installed on-premises in a data center. If the software is in the form of containers that will run inside the customer’s data center, then how will the software be deployed and managed? How will scaling work, and how will updates be deployed?

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What I Learned @ DockerCon 2016

I just returned from two days in Seattle at DockerCon 2016. What I learned at DockerCon this year can be summed up in four  categories:

  1. Container adoption is on the rise
  2. Docker is winning by making containers simpler
  3. Docker is forging a path to win enterprise workloads
  4. The battle for orchestration just became more interesting

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Rightscale Publishes State of the Cloud Report for 2016

Rightscale just published a report called “State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends“.  The report focuses on the adoption of DevOps and containers across both enterprises and SMBs. To nobody’s surprise, adoption rates of both containers and DevOps are on the rise. What is interesting is the rate of adoption, especially in large enterprises. Here are a few charts that got my interest.

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Container Use Cases

Containers are a hot topic these days. I have run a few workshops with clients, and one of the questions I get asked most frequently is “what are companies using containers for?” After answering this question a number of times, I thought I would share some common use cases with my readers.

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