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Secure Agile Cloud Development

agilecloudA secure agile cloud development procedure to produce cloud-native and other applications starts first with a process. (See video at end of this article for a secure process.) This process defines how code created by a developer eventually makes it through to production and customer use. I have found that many companies do not even have such a process, or they have a very short process that primarily comprises the developers doing everything, including testing and security bits within their own little worlds. Since the same developer who wrote the code is testing and performing security, there are not enough eyes on the code to see all potential attacks.

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Agile Cloud Development

Cloud Scale Apps, Cloud Scale Testing

Agile Cloud DevelopmentWhile at Interop, I participated in a Tech Field Day event where Spirent was talking about their new Axon product, as well as the possibility of usage of It was an interesting discussion but it gave me some food for thought. As we move to cloud scale apps based on platforms such as Pivotal (EMC World was just down the street), OpenShift, and others, we need a way to test those applications at scale. Spirent and Ixia provide these tools, but would they be used in this new model?

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