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Where Is My Operations Swamp-Drain-O-Matic?

As SF author William Gibson said, “The future is already here—it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Some IT infrastructure teams live in a future where they are resolving every issue before there are problems for end users. These teams live in a nirvana where help-desk tickets are all requesting new accounts to be created for staff who start work next week. Phone calls bring praise from line-of-business managers. Personally, I have never seen these IT teams. Maybe they exist; maybe they are just a dream. Many IT infrastructure teams work in a very different world: a world of hurt and pain, where application performance is unpredictable. The help-desk call queue sometimes spirals out of control. When the team is this deep in alligators, it can be hard to see how to drain the swamp. A crucial first step is getting the lay of the land and some idea of where the problems are coming from. The next step is to start dealing with the root causes of issues before they cause problems.

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Next-Generation ITaaS Includes ITOA

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is changing nearly every day. In the past, it was mainly about automating deployment through the contents of a service catalog. Today, it has grown to include IT operations analytics (ITOA). What matters isn’t whether we can select an application from a service catalog, but rather how we monitor and react to issues during the lifetime of the application. With containers, which are all about automation, ITaaS has to change not only to include ITOA, but also to react to the results of the analytics.

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Creating a Din in the Cloud Market

Recently I spoke with Mike Chase of dinCloud regarding its desktop virtualization offering. I hadn’t actually come across dinCloud before, as it is a fairly youthful company. However, its VDI offering—which it refers to as HVD (hosted virtual desktop), making an important distinction, because the solution can be on-premises, off-premises, or hybrid—is effectively a separate, purpose-built VDI infrastructure that can be deployed as public or private cloud.

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Is the Software Defined Data Center the Future?

VMware purchased Nicira, backed the Openflow Community, and is now touting software defined data centers (SDDC).  But what is a software defined datacenter? Is it just virtualization or cloud with a software defined network? Or is it something more than that? Given heavy automation and scripting of most clouds, do we not already have SDDC? If not where are we going with this concept? What does SDN add to the mix?

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The Big VMware Announcements at VMworld

VMware Announces the vFabric Cloud Applications Platform

VMware vFabric™ cloud application platform combines the market-leading Spring Java development framework with platform services including lightweight application server, global data management, cloud-ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performance management. Applications built on VMware vFabric provide performance and portability across heterogeneous cloud environments.

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