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Traditional Security Lagging against the Scale of the Cloud

I came away from HP Protect 2013 wondering if current security sold by the traditional security players will actually scale to the hybrid cloud. Are these security tools still system-centric, or are they changing to be data-, user-, and app-centric? I feel that this move has started but has far to go. I do not think many of the current batch of traditional security services implemented in data centers today can scale properly. In order to understand the scale of the cloud, we first should give some basic numbers:

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Intrusion Protection and Detection within the Virtual Environment

There has been lots of debate on whether to place security tools within a virtual environment, whether such tools are needed, and how these tools should work.  Since many of these topics were covered by Hoff’s Rational Survivability blog in the past, I will not revisit them. The premise for this discussion is that yes such security tools are needed, that they do need to be redundant, and they are required to be implemented within your environment. We will answer what tools exist that provide Intrusion Protection and Detection within the virtual environment.

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