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Sensor – Fog – Cloud: An IoT Revolution

The new architecture is a sensor net talking to a fog talking to a cloud. This sounds complex, but it is not. This is where many hardware companies can come forward, and where hyperconverged can have a huge impact. The architecture seems simple, but is not. There are quite a few moving parts, all based on various container technologies. Are these the containers we are talking about as the next generation of applications, or something more? Can IoT survive without all these moving parts? Does this change how we define IoT?

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The Future Perfect … Data Center

We are happy to share that we were featured yesterday on BrightTALK. We discussed data centers and what the future holds. What does the future data center look like? Is it racks and racks of computers? Is it heavily automated? Is it just a shim to the larger world of the cloud? Listen in on this dynamic panel discussion in which we delve into the future of the data center with our experts, Edward Haletky and Steve Beaver. We discussed where we are going, how the hybrid cloud fits in, and the ultimate vision of the data center.

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A New Fiscal Year and a Hybrid Future

It is that time of the year where the conference season has ended and a good number of companies are entering into a new fiscal year. As such, it might be a good time to look back over the year and get some insight into what 2017 might have in store for the information technology industry and the engineers who support it.

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Containers: Distributed Disruption

Container technologies are the new disruption, but in an old way. vMotion heralded the age of containers. They change the fundamental view of computing, toward heavily automated, orchestrated, and distributed systems, where high availability is not within the server and operating system, but is within the application itself. Containers themselves are not new, but how we used them has changed how we think about computing and applications.

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Pokémon Go: Get Off My Lawn!

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last month or so, Pokémon Go has become the latest mobile phone gaming craze. It is based on the Nintendo game Pokémon, in which you travel around a mythical land capturing, training, and then fighting these creatures called “Pokémon” (pocket monsters) with other Pokémon hunters.

What is interesting about this particular game is the interactive nature and the fact that it is based in the real world. For a technical viewpoint, read my fellow analyst’s post on the subject here. The fact that it actually gets the kids out of their darkened rooms and into the wild outdoors, gaining valuable vitamin D for their sun-starved teenage skin, is a bonus.

Justice versus Pokemon Go

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How Valuable Is This Piece Of Data?

Connecting the costs we incur to the business value we deliver is something we in IT need to do better. One of the dimensions of this is the value of a single piece of data compared to the cost of storing that piece of data. I think it’s safe to say that not all data is created equal. A contract document for a ten-million-dollar sale is a lot more valuable than a single tweet. What are the implications for IT infrastructure if we know the value of data? Can we make more sensible decisions about how we build our infrastructure based on knowledge of data value?

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