VMware + Ionix Assets – Impact Upon the Virtualization Management Market

VMware intends to in an 18 to 24 month period come out with a true management stack that addresses capacity management, infrastructure performance, applications performance (and service assurance), configuration management, lifecycle management, extended provisioning and wrap all of that into a service catalog that lets IT provide a menu of services that can then be automatically provisioning on a dynamic (or even a cloud based) virtual infrastructure.


VMware and the Ionix Assets – A Deeper Look

For at least the last year, VMware has made it very clear that it views virtualization as a catalyst that will enable the delivery of a new management stack into the enterprise, and that VMware intends to be the vendor …
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News: VMware to Acquire IT Management Products From EMC

VMware and EMC today announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement for VMware to acquire certain software products and expertise from EMC’s Ionix IT management business, including solutions aimed at delivering improved management and deployment of servers and applications in a virtualized data center.


Vertical Integration Returns – Impact on VMware

There are two very recent vendor initiatives that hearken back to the days of single vendor tightly integrated systems. The first is Oracle’s pending acquisition of Sun. The second example which has potentially far more impact upon VMware is the recently announced EMC/Cisco Vblocks.


EMC/Cisco/VMware vBlock – OpEx Savings Courtesy of Ionix

Prior to the announcement and subsequent to the announcement of Ionix, EMC has been on an absolute tear acquiring companies that have components that will be combined into the new Ionix management stack. These announcements have included the acquisitions of Voyence, ConfigureSoft, Fastsale Technology, and an agreement to resell VMware AppSpeed.


EMC/Cisco/VMware vBlock – an Economist’s Perspective

So from an economists perspective, there is really one and only one simple question. How will the vBlock initiative make earnings per share at EMC, Cisco, and VMware grow faster than they would have had the companies not done this partnership or faster than if they had of done something else with the resources that they are putting into this partnership?