HPE: Out of the Fire or Still in the Frying Pan?

HPE has just released its third quarter results. It has finally given its investors something to do a little jig to, having managed to beat expectations for revenue and earnings per share as well as achieving a small year over …
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News from the Storage World

News from the storage world. My last post reported on the virtualization vendors fourth quarter results and this post is reporting on some things from the storage side of the industry. The source of these results are the Cleveland Research, the individual company reports, CRC and Factset Estimates.
First let me present some year over year numbers from Dell / EMC, NetApp, HP, Pure, Nimble and finally Nutanix. Let me present the year over year numbers so we can get a better understanding on how the storage world is doing.


HPE’s HCI Just Got Real: It Bought SimpliVity

It seems that HCI is a real product segment, and everyone wants in on the market. Cisco is already in with its Springpath partnership for the HyperFlex products. Nutanix is steadfastly going it alone with its successful IPO and a …
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