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A Merger Scenario: HP and Citrix

I was thinking about combinations of mergers with Citrix that would make sense the other day during a conversation with some industry colleagues.  I spoke about what I thought of an HP and Citrix marriage.  It wasn’t the hottest “hook-up” mentioned, but it’s the one that made the most sense.  We tossed around IBM and Citrix, we talked about Microsoft and Citrix, we spoke about other possibilities as well like Oracle and Cisco snatching up Citrix.  It was very interesting to think about the scenarios and what “might be” if they were to ever happen.  My argument against any of the other names we talked about was that these other players like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle just didn’t make sense due to some of the other competitive moves they have made recently.  I kept coming back to HP and Citrix, but I have to admit HP has made some competitive moves as well, so a Citrix acquisition today probably isn’t likely, but I’m sure is on the minds of Mark Hurd and Mark Templeton.

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