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The Race to Own Orchestration

agilecloudThere are a number of companies that are in a race to own the enterprise landscape when it comes to infrastructure automation and development pipelines (aka continuous integration and continuous deployment). What is unfolding here is very similar to what we have witnessed in the cloud market.

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State of the Clouds

CloudComputingIt’s the state of the clouds! As we float further along into 2016, the overall state of affairs for cloud services remains very strong, with over fifty percent year-to-year growth being reported in the fourth quarters of 2014 and 2015. Moving right along into 2016, the absolute growth should continue, with the largest growth opportunity expected to be in the small and medium business and mid-market customers. This is followed by the large enterprises, which will continue the migration of services like email and databases into the cloud space. Cleveland Research published a sales comparison chart that shows the growth rate for 2015 and the estimated growth for 2016.

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Tracking the Hot Container Market

agilecloudThe container market is moving at the speed of light. Each vendor in this space is delivering features at an amazing pace. In fact, things are moving so fast that this article will likely be way outdated in about 2 months. It was just under two months ago when I reported on the many announcements made at DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco. Since then, each vendor has made a number of significant announcements about new features or partnerships. Here is a rundown of what has been announced by the major players in the hot container space. Continue reading Tracking the Hot Container Market

The Irony in IT

CloudComputingOh, the irony in IT. Early in my career, the Windows operating system dominated the corporate world, until Linux came along and presented an alternative to Windows dominance. Flash forward to today, and now both Amazon and Google, two of the largest cloud computing platforms that have Linux supporting the hypervisor, are able to support Windows Servers and other platforms. Continue reading The Irony in IT

News: Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google

ITasaServiceOn October 30, 2014, Lenovo completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google. This acquisition, which was announced in January, means that the Chinese company that bought IBM’s x86 server and desktop products now has mobile device manufacture in its portfolio. Continue reading News: Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google

News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google

DataCenterVirtualizationIn a follow-up to my Oracle v. Google Java spat post—in which I reported that the appeals court has ruled in favour of Oracle, casting doubt on the whole automation industry and the use of Java APIs—it seems that Google has decided to take this to the US Supreme Court. The argument it has submitted to the court is that the appeals court ruling should be overturned in the interest of protecting innovation in high tech. Continue reading News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google