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Moving Up the Stack Does not Really Simplify Anything!

Moving up the stack does not simplify anything. Complexity increases. Let us look at this from several angles: management, security, development, networking, and storage. In essence, the entire IT stack. Because complexity increases, we need DevOps (or SecDevOps) to help us over the rough spots. We need new rules of engagement and even new ways of working. This makes the new IT stack even more complex.

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Storm in a Teacup, or as Elmer FUD Would Say, “Shhh—be vewy vewy quiet; I’m hunting wabbits”

What is it about the tech world that always seems to put us at each others’ throats? FUD is thrown around like candy from a broken piñata. Notable oppositions that come to mind are EMC vs. NetApp, block vs. file, diversity vs. simplicity, an so on. Currently, we have the software-defined networking (SDN) wars: hyper-converged vs. all-flash arrays (AFA). This was going to be a rant post, but Chad Sakac does that so much better than me. If you have a spare hour or so, have a read of his latest post; it makes for very good reading, and considering his role in the hierarchy of EMC, it is remarkably unbiased.

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