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News: Carbon Nanotube Memory Developer Nantero Closes $31.5M Funding Round

A new high-speed memory technology from stealthy startup Nantero is one step closer to reshaping data center storage. Nantero announced on Tuesday, June 2, that it had closed a $31.5 million series E financing round, bringing funding up to a total of $78 million and opening the door to further development and future volume production of its carbon nanotube storage technology. Nantero, which has been quietly working on its carbon nanotube storage since 2001 and has been in low-volume production since 2004, is making big claims for its technology.

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Flash, Ah-ahh, Savior of the Data Center

Flash is taking over the world. With prices falling, we are now at a tipping point where flash is the leader rather than the upsell in new storage acquisitions for the data center. However, opinions differ regarding where this flash should be inserted. There are three main sides to this argument, and at the base of it all, it comes down to where you believe your performance point should be.

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Six Features You Absolutely Need on Your Storage in 2015

It’s 2015, but you would think it was 1995 based on what we’re still using in our data centers for enterprise storage. We still have gobs and gobs of spinning disks, sucking power and boring us to death while they find our data. Convergence is largely unconverged—we still have separate Fibre Channel and IP data networks, and the only things that got converged were our bills of materials and the sides of our wallets. And for some inexplicable reason, we’re still debating how and when to use flash.

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