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It Is in the Cloud—Who Cares If It Goes Down?

Whenever AWS has an outage, it makes the news. In fact, AWS said the recent issue wasn’t even an outage, and it still made the news. Issues with S3 returning a lot of errors in the US-East-1 region caused application problems for a few hours. Personally, it affected my morning routine. I start the day reading blog posts using NewsBlur. NewsBlur wouldn’t show me any blogs. Instead, it reported server errors caused by this S3 issue, so my usual source of news couldn’t tell me that there was news about an AWS S3 issue. Before we start talking about how unreliable the cloud is, let us ask who among us has private infrastructure that is without fault? While cloud service outages make the headlines, on-premises outages happen all the time, too. Also, who cares if your application isn’t available for a few hours every couple of years? Not every application needs 100% uptime. It may be the right business decision to accept an application outage when there is an infrastructure outage.

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Notes from the Field: Strategic IT Projects and their failure

IT people are always being encouraged to become knowledgeable about the world of business. This is a concept I have been preaching about for over a decade! Most of them work in some sort of business, and there’s no denying that an understanding of how commerce works can help IT personnel do their job better, whatever industry they work in. But what about the flow of knowledge from IT to business? Is there anything in IT which is even applicable to business? After all, to the layperson, IT usually seems to be a world of confusing acronyms, incomprehensible jargon, and thoroughly uninteresting technical detail. However, most business people have only experienced the sharp end of IT—real, physical contact with machines and software—and not the ideas and concepts that underpin all that technology and the way it works.

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