Facebook Changes Its Licensing on Several Products

Facebook is changing its open source licensing for some of its products. The products React, Jest, Flow and Immutable are changing from the Facebook-created BSD+Patent license to the MIT license in the beginning of October. There has been a lot …
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Round One in Social Media and First Amendment Rights

I recently wrote an article about a potential class action court case being brought against the President of the United States by the Knight Foundation. In the article, I posited that public servants who use their private social media accounts …
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Will Virtual Reality Have a Place in IT?

Will Virtual Reality have a place in IT? While Virtual Reality (VR) is still in its infancy it might be currently most associated with the computer gaming industry. However, there is a big interest from companies outside the computer gaming industry. As a matter of fact, Mark Zuckerberg over at Facebook has had quite an interest in virtual reality to expand the Facebook platform and there are some predictions that 2017 may be the year that Facebook VR finally emerges.