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Is VMware moving to Guest based Licensing?

There has been a rumour that VMware circulating that are going to move to a per VM Guest licensing model rather than the traditional Host based licenses.  Well it looks like the first move to this has been taken,  I was having a conversation with a friend about an issue they were having with a VDI Proof of Concept (POC) they were running.

So what exactly was this issue,  well one of his co-workers was trying to vMotion a running XP desktop from host one to host two but was receiving the following message

Error: There are not enough licenses…

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End of Availability for ESX all but vSphere

VMware has just announced the End of Availability but not End of Life (EOL) for some of its pre-vSphere ESX products (Announcing End of Availability), specifically all but the latest releases of ESX 3.x and vCenter 2.x however, it has dropped availability for the ESX 2.x products completely. This tells us several things:

  • There are not many customers still on or using ESX 2.x products. This is a true statement. If there are still ESX 2.x systems in use, they are either unsupported by VMware or using special contracts to maintain their support.

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The Fallacy of Free Software

In this post about VMware on the Benefits of Virtualization for the SMB, we concluded with a bit of analysis that suggested that if lack of budget was the major constraint that was preventing an SMB from pursuing a virtualization project, that this would tip the scales in favor of Microsoft Hyper-V due to its lower price of acquisition, and the fact that it would cost less in terms of training time for the IT staff for a typically all Windows shop to adopt Hyper-V than learn something this is at its core completely new (VMware) with a GNU and Posix management appliance or based on Linux (Xen).

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VMware Study – Benefits of Virtualization for the SMB

VMware has recently released the results of a new study that VMware did of 309 companies that have between 20 and 1000 employees. The two major benefits of virtualization reported by the survey participants were reduced time spent on routine and repetitive tasks, and improved applications availability. 73% of respondents reported reductions in time spent on routine tasks, and 71% reported improvements in applications availability.

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Open Source XenServer? ESXi to Follow?

Citrix has recently joined the Linux Foundation, and there is a report (which they seem to have endorsed) that they plan to open source XenServer.  That’s not Xen, it’s XenServer – not the kernel, the product, the thing you stick on your server instead of ESXi, or sometimes vSphere.

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VirtualBox OSE 3.0 – Still a viable Open Source option?

In Texiwill’s recent vSphere post, he came to the conclusion he would have to retire his HP  DL380 G3 hardware in order to upgrade to vSphere. There is an interesting question as to whether his development environment could be saved by the judicious application of some Open Source technology. I too have some hardware of that vintage (an ML350 G3)  so I thought I’d have a go, and to add a little spice I thought I’d try and do it using free Open Source software.  After all ESXi 3.5i  is free, and that works pretty darn well on a ML350 G3.

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