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Will Your VDI Solution Support your Remote Users?

It is said that VDI as a concept is straightforward and a compelling proposition. Centralise your services to reduce the desktop management complexity and enable a more cost-effective method of updating desktops. In addition to this, the option to support branch office/remote users from a centralised location can also allow you to reassess network link costs between sites, and indeed VDI allows you to deliver greater productivity through “anywhere, any time” universal access.

In centralising desktop services there’s obviously a requirement to understand the performance and operation of your applications in a virtual host – but, proving that the VDI implementation works technically will be for nothing if you have users who have a poor experience of using the shiny new VDI solution. Indeed, with the rise of mobility, either on mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad or on Microsoft Windows netbooks connected through 3G cards, companies will increasingly rely on networks that experience higher latency and packet loss than on a LAN.

If your organisation has remote users – consider that the impact of centralisation on their desktop experience can be very different: and not always in a happy way.

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Microsoft and Citrix offer a “Rescue for VMware VDI”

On March 18, Microsoft embarked on a major offensive to focus the desktop virtualisation market away from VMware View. As well as announcing updates for their desktop virtualization technologies and solutions, including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft and Citrix Systems jointly announced two major promotions:

“Rescue for VMware VDI” – Starting in April 2010,  VMware View customers who have Microsoft Core CAL or Enterprise CAL suites with Software Assurance through Select, Enterprise & CASA family of agreements are offered the opportunity to trade in up to 500 licenses for free up until December 2010.

“VDI Kick Start” from March 18, if you’ve a Microsoft Core CAL or Enterprise CAL suites with Software Assurance through Enterprise and Select family of agreements you are eligible customers only pay $28 per device for up to 250 devices. If you’ve an Open Value, Campus Agreement or School Agreement (CASA) family of agreements you’ll be eligible starting July 1, 2010.

Are these announcements marketing hype or do they actually help deliver an improved VDI experience? Indeed, are you a VMware View house in peril?

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