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Secret Consoles — Multiple Management Interfaces — Security Nightmare

While looking on twitter this morning I discovered a tweet that pointed to the following article, which is relatively devoid of details but none-the-less extreme interesting to those who follow virtualization security: Fired techie created virtual chaos at pharma company.  This article points out an external attack that lead to management access of a virtual environment. Now we do not know if the attack was using antiquated credentials or some other means. But what we do know is that VMs were deleted by an external source that used to be a former employee. Hoax or not, this is a very serious issue brought to light.

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Trend Micro: Info Graphic on Journey to the Cloud

Trend Micro has provided a very interesting and useful info graphic on the journey to the Cloud, entitled A Walk in The Clouds. This info graphic contains not only a list of their tools which  can be used to secure each step of the Journey, but also a list of the issues and considerations as you step along the path to the Clouds.  These steps are well thought out and are useful to everyone as they look at their virtualization and cloud security options moving forward. The info graphic also provides great starting points on discussions of virtualization and cloud security.

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