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Linux and Android Come to Any Device

DataCenterVirtualizationFor years, the Citrix Systems cheerleading team waved its pom-poms to the resounding chant of “Any, Any, Any!” Any app, anywhere, on any device, knowing all too well that while it could deliver apps anywhere and on any device, its ability to do so for anything other than Windows apps was nothing more than some well-crafted marketing hype.

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Good Technology to Acquire BoxTone

DataCenterVirtualizationWith the mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) markets still reeling from VMware’s $1.5B purchase of competitor AirWatch, Good Technology has announced that it is purchasing BoxTone for an undisclosed amount. This is a purchase to turn heads: Good Technology is making a bold statement to the world that it, too, is here, and it can and does play in this space.

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