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Notes from the Field: The Value of an Enterprise Architecture

I’ve written before on the importance of an enterprise architecture, but during the engagement that is driving this series of articles (Notes from the Field), it has come to my attention that this topic really needs to be revisited. I’m going to cover some topics I’ve written about before, and in a later post I’ll fold in some content on developing an enterprise architecture. This will tie together with another article I’m working on with the principles and design rules for my customer’s new adaptive/extended enterprise. Thanks for bearing with me.

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Notes from the Field: Planning the Extended Enterprise

In my current engagement, there has been a lot of talk lately about “future-proofing” the overall organization. I find this puzzling, because the basic definition of that term has not been identified. As the economy becomes increasingly connected, this customer stands at the threshold where the fundamental processes of value exchange are being transformed. The sheer abundance of information has led to a surfeit of alternatives for consumers and has reversed the signaling mechanisms that influence the very nature of supply and demand.

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Notes from the Field: The Rate of Change

I stated in my last article that an adaptive enterprise—or, as this customer likes to call it now, an extended enterprise—is built, not bought. It is a transformational process, and every enterprise arrives at the task of transforming itself with a different history and different goals, priorities, and needs.

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IO IO it is off to Storage and IO metrics we go

By Greg Schulz, Server and StorageIO @storageio

IO, IO, it’s off to storage and IO metrics we go shifting gears a bit from the recent four part series around SSD topics for physical and virtual environment. A while back I did a post about Why VASA is import to have in your VMware CASA along with another piece about Windows boot IO and storage performance impact on VDI planning. Among other things those two pieces have in common is a theme around the importance of storage and IO metrics that matter.

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