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What I Learned @ DockerCon 2016

%2Fimages%2Fnews_images%5CDockercon-2016-App-Developer-Magazine_wum0tnw3I just returned from two days in Seattle at DockerCon 2016. What I learned at DockerCon this year can be summed up in four  categories:

  1. Container adoption is on the rise
  2. Docker is winning by making containers simpler
  3. Docker is forging a path to win enterprise workloads
  4. The battle for orchestration just became more interesting

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Have You Heard about Unikernels?

CloudComputingHave you heard about unikernels? A unikernel, or cloud operating system, as it has also been called, is a specialized lightweight operating system intended to be used within a virtual machine. Unikernels have the potential to become the core of a new form of cloud computing in which a single hypervisor instance can support hundreds or even thousands of virtual machines. A rethinking of how we populate the cloud infrastructure, the unikernel is a specialized, single-address-space virtual machine image constructed by using a virtual library operating system.

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Rightscale Publishes State of the Cloud Report for 2016

RS2016-DevOps-Adoption-by-methodRightscale just published a report called “State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends“.  The report focuses on the adoption of DevOps and containers across both enterprises and SMBs. To nobody’s surprise, adoption rates of both containers and DevOps are on the rise. What is interesting is the rate of adoption, especially in large enterprises. Here are a few charts that got my interest.

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Container as a Service?

agilecloudEvery day, IT professionals live and breathe applications, yet our focus for operational tools is a single container, virtual machine, database, etc. How do these items map to the application in use? Even the monolithic-looking applications of yesterday were actually made up of services. Those services will be reborn as microservices within the applications of tomorrow. How do we make this transition? Is it possible with a container as a service model? Or should we scratch the past and start over?

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