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Innovation: The Future of IT

Innovation is the future of IT, but is innovation really happening? Let us look at one segment of IT: security. The RSA Conference hosts an annual Innovation Sandbox. The winner can claim to be the most innovative security company that participated in the contest. This year, there was a wide mix of companies.

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Network Virtualization: Not Just for the Service Provider

Many network virtualization products appear to be aimed at the top 10,000 customers worldwide, accounting for their price as well as their published product direction. While this is a limited and myopic view, many claim it is for the best, their reason being that network virtualization is only really needed by the very large networks. The more I think about this approach, the more I believe it is incorrect. Let us be frank here. Most networking today, within many different organizational sizes, is a hodgepodge of technologies designed to solve the same problem(s) over and over: how to get data quickly from point A to point B with minimum disruption to service.

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