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Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared for the Storm?

Are you prepared for the storm? Has anyone else taken notice of that little storm brewing in the Caribbean? At every update, the path of the little storm keeps drifting west, almost as if the storm really wants to go to Disney World. All kidding aside, Hurricane Matthew is, at the time of this writing, a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, with maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. The storm is currently heading over Haiti and moving toward the Bahamas, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

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Priorities of Uninterrupted Data Access

Those of you who know me know that disaster recovery is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I have spent most of my professional career working in Florida; I hope that offers a little insight into my special interest in disaster recovery.

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Software-Defined… Backup?

There are three pillars to the software-defined data centre (SDDC): software-defined compute, software-defined storage, and software-defined networking. Without any one of these three, the whole edifice of the data centre falls down. We build all three to be resilient, “designed for failure,” and robust. Each can be built and rebuilt from scripts that are stored in distributed version control systems. But at the bottom of every application stack in our SDDC, there is a database or file store that cannot—by definitionbe re-created from scripts. This is the core data that we mine and make profit from. What happens if (or when) the edifice collapses? How is that core data protected, and is traditional backup up to the task?

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