Rightscale Publishes State of the Cloud Report for 2016

Rightscale just published a report called “State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends“.  The report focuses on the adoption of DevOps and containers across both enterprises and SMBs. To nobody’s surprise, adoption rates of both containers and DevOps are on …
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Stop Focusing on DevOps and Start Focusing on Delivering Business Outcomes

I have seen far too many definitions of the term DevOps. Everyone, including myself, has their own definition. Worse, I have seen even more interpretations of what “doing DevOps” means within enterprises. Here are a few examples of what some people …
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Automation, Orchestration, and DevOps in Today’s Data Center

Automation and orchestration are two of the terms that you hear about more and more especially when discussing virtualization and or cloud computing. One of the main reason for that is as virtualization and cloud computing technology continues to mature, so has the automation and the orchestration that are such an intricate part of the solutions presented forth from this technology and as such there are more and more products and services that are built around automation and orchestration itself. For this post, I want to focus more on the underlying technology before I get more into the different products themselves. This may be most interesting for anyone that is looking to expand their skillset to be able to compete and excel in a technology world that is traveling full speed up into the clouds.


Complexity and Cloud-Native Applications

Steve Flanders (@smflanders) and I had a late-night Twitter conversation over the complexities inherent in cloud-native applications. My take was that we need to broaden our view and see the entire picture before we can delve into the weeds. Steve’s …
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Support in the 21st Century: Bringing About Change

Support in the 21st Century. Bringing About Change. In my first post of this series, I laid out my personal opinion, based on my experience, the baseline expectations for a corporate support model and structure established at most companies. This is where I first brought up technology silos and presented the correlation between the number of technology silos and the size of the infrastructure.