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No Matter How Many Tools You Have, IT Is Practised by People

No matter how much technology we have, everything is about people. Even the best tools and automation can fail if the people operating them are not good at IT. Often we buy tools to fix problems, only to find that the tool is not the solution. The problem is not with the tool: more often, there is a problem with the people who operate the tool. Many times, there is also a problem with the people who manage the people who operate the tools.

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Moving Up the Stack Does not Really Simplify Anything!

Moving up the stack does not simplify anything. Complexity increases. Let us look at this from several angles: management, security, development, networking, and storage. In essence, the entire IT stack. Because complexity increases, we need DevOps (or SecDevOps) to help us over the rough spots. We need new rules of engagement and even new ways of working. This makes the new IT stack even more complex.

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Secure Agile Cloud Development: Metrics

Secure Agile Cloud Development takes Agile and DevOps to the next level. It is about code quality, based not just on what the developers test, but also on the application of continuous testing and on dynamic and static code analysis. Most importantly, it is about a repeatable and trackable process by which we can make code quality assessments. We can find out the “who did what, when, where, how, and why” of our code. It is a useful tool in incident response. Imagine a world in which our production environments are run entirely by code.

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The State of DevOps in 2016

Puppet recently published its annual State of DevOps report. Previously, its 2014 report revealed that DevOps was becoming widely accepted in the enterprise. The 2015 report explained that as enterprises become more mature with DevOps, they become higher performing and release software more frequently with better quality. This year’s report has expanded the research to include employee loyalty, security, and lean product management.

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Rightscale Publishes State of the Cloud Report for 2016

Rightscale just published a report called “State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends“.  The report focuses on the adoption of DevOps and containers across both enterprises and SMBs. To nobody’s surprise, adoption rates of both containers and DevOps are on the rise. What is interesting is the rate of adoption, especially in large enterprises. Here are a few charts that got my interest.

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Stop Focusing on DevOps and Start Focusing on Delivering Business Outcomes

I have seen far too many definitions of the term DevOps. Everyone, including myself, has their own definition. Worse, I have seen even more interpretations of what “doing DevOps” means within enterprises. Here are a few examples of what some people think DevOps is:

  • Automating infrastructure
  • Building out CI/CD pipelines
  • Writing Chef scripts
  • Creating a new silo called DevOps
  • Doing anything on AWS

All of the above-mentioned items are tasks that are common when a company embraces DevOps philosophies but by themselves are not DevOps. DevOps is much bigger than these specific tasks.

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