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Chesterfield County Schools Turn to Sphere 3D for Windows on Chromebooks

Sphere3DUnless you work in education you might not know it, but Microsoft and Apple have a serious and growing Chromebook problem. According to data from Futuresource Consulting, Chromebook adoption has grown from less than 1% of all devices shipped within the education market in 2012 to more than 25% of shipments in Q4 2013. Earlier this month, Google announced that Chesterfield County Public Schools, one of the one hundred largest school systems in the US, was buying 32,000 Dell Chromebooks, one for each of its middle and high school students.

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Windows 8 – Extending the Desktop to the Mobile World

There has been a lot of buzz and coverage about Windows 8 since its consumer preview. There will be some very cool features with this release and one feature that really stands out with me is that Microsoft added an additional  supported processor type in that Windows 8 will run on Intel, AMD and now ARM based processors. That gives Windows 8 the ability to run on desktops as well as mobile phones and tablets.

Think about that, Microsoft has now expanded its desktop presence by adding in the mobile devices and Windows 8 will bring the Metro Interface across all desktops, phones and tablets. Can this be something that will enhance your overall computing experience as well as presenting another option for VDI?

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Google Chromium OS – the Open Source Desktop Operating System for the Cloud?

In much of our analysis of  Cloud computing we are concerned with technologies from the center of the Cloud, The actual user interface to the cloud – the device through which cloud services are consumed – becomes almost an afterthought. And yet there is no doubt that for organizations that can provide both services in the cloud, and own the control points in the devices that access those services, the prize to be gained by delivery of services, and intermediation of third-party services (payment systems, advertising, product promotion etc.) will dwarf those of the traditional software or hardware vendor.

It’s a different way of thinking about the Cloud, where the starting point is not the DataCenter, or the IT service, or the “user”, but the direct delivery of consumer services. Into this vision plays Chromium OS (released to Open Source on November 19th).  Google devices delivering Google services (and other services intermediated by Google) from the Cloud to consumers.

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