Dell Acquires EMC

Dell acquires EMC. It has been no secret that EMC has been under some pressure from Elliott Management Corp., one of EMC’s investors, to do something to raise share prices and rumors and speculation about what might be coming has been a topic of many different post and articles over the last year or so but now it has been confirmed that the deal is done. This deal will close in 2016 and EMC’s Chief Executive Officer, Joe Tucci will finally get his opportunity to retire. For all practical purposes, this has been is the making for quite a while and there was some speculation that some kind of announcement needed to happen by the earnings report.


Cisco to Buy Nutanix: Only the Truly Divine Would Deny Their Divinity

There has been a rumor flying around the twitterverse and other social media outlets that Cisco is about to announce that it is buying Nutanix. This rumor started circulating when a report from a Portland-based equity research firm was released, …
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Dell Delivers Hyperconverged XenDesktop Appliance

Two weeks ago, Virtualization Practice Analyst Jo Harder mourned the passing of Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and forecasted that its target SMB market would look to hyperconverged infrastructure appliances to deliver complexity-free VDI. Dell clearly had the same thought, because just one …
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