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Rumors Are Afoot: Is the Dell/EMC Merger Starting to Unravel?

DataCenterVirtualizationIt has been an interesting time to be living in the IT world. The ripples and ructions caused by the Dell/EMC merger have quashed almost every other conversation. This is the biggest take-private merger transaction for a tech company ever, dwarfed only by the $106 billion Time Warner/AOL deal in 2006.


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2016: Citrix vs. VMware

DesktopVirtualizationCitrix vs. VMware: Looking back over the past year, we see that 2015 brought numerous unexpected twists and turns for both Citrix and VMware, and each excelled in different ways. No one expected VMware to be acquired by Dell, nor was the disruption by Elliott Management foreseen on the Citrix calendar of events. The full impact of both of these drastic changes will have an even greater impact in 2016.

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Dell Acquires EMC

DataCenterVirtualizationIt has been no secret that EMC has been under some pressure from Elliott Management Corp., one of EMC’s investors, to do something to raise share prices. Rumors and speculation about what might be coming has been a topic of many different posts and articles over the last year or so, but now it has been confirmed that the deal is done. This deal will close in 2016, and EMC Chief Executive Officer Joe Tucci will finally get his opportunity to retire. For all practical purposes, this has been in the making for quite a while. There had been some speculation that some kind of announcement needed to occur by the earnings report.

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