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Data and Metadata Everywhere

In a recent conversation, I was considering the data about data that abounds for any business, organization, or person. A great deal of data is stored and classified as public information. The metadata around that data is becoming increasingly more valuable. Is this data maintained, curated, monitored, and controlled in any fashion? The answer varies among people and organizations. Yet, the real question concerns not the data we know about, but the data we do not know about: the “unknown unknowns.” Is this data a risk to our business, to our family, or to our livelihoods?

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Lowest-Hanging Fruit of Cloud Security

At nearly every conference, we talk about the lowest-hanging fruit of virtualization security, but we often miss the discussion about the lowest-hanging fruit of cloud security. They are not the same. Are we talking about good SSL hygiene? That is a part of it, but there is something even more basic than that. John Dickson, principal of the Denim Group, joined us on The Virtualization Security Podcast to talk about how people are moving to the cloud and the things they miss.

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