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Citrix Receiver X1: Say Goodbye to the Teal Bubbles!

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop users have survived many iterations of Citrix client software. From the original ICA Client all the way to Citrix Receiver, this little piece of client software has made a major difference in the user experience over the years. Some versions of the Citrix client were more painful than others (remember trying to automate the upgrade from v3.4?), and some features that we found useful were deprecated (remember being able to right-click the Citrix icon in the taskbar and see all your apps?), but most would agree that the demise of the teal bubbles is most welcomed.

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Is Dazzle Really the Future?

Gartner predict that by 2010, end-user preferences will decide as much as half of all software, hardware and services acquisitions made by IT.

And perhaps that was the driver for Citrix’s release of the Dazzle Technology Preview which “puts the personal back into computing”.

Dazzle, according to Citrix, is the first self-service “storefront” for your enterprise applications giving corporate employees 24×7 self-service access to the applications they need to work. Dazzle is billed as offering a rich, intuitive user experience that requires no training. If your users have DirecTV, BBC iPlayer or Apple iTunes they’re good to go.

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