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Office 365: Yay or Nay?

If your company isn’t in the process of implementing Office 365 by this point, there’s a good chance that some IT team members are at least giving it some serious thought. As with many aspects of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft is marketing Office 365 as the ultimate solution—and a good number of CIOs are drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid without carefully considering some of the finer technical details.

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Is the Cloud Too Much of a Good Thing?

Is the cloud too much of a good thing? Virtualization and cloud computing have been one of the biggest technological advancements of the twenty-first century and they continue to grow at an amazing pace. Cloud computing has started to obtain mass appeal in corporate data centers as it enables the data center to operate like the Internet through the process of  enabling computing resources to be accessed and shared as virtual resources in a scalable manner. Each day there seems to be a new announcement or press release about a new product or service that has been released utilizing some form of cloud computing, and I do not see this trend changing anytime soon.

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Virtualizing from an Island?

I was recently on an island and it got me thinking of how would I move my company to the island. The company services people around the world, but would also service local to the island. Does virtualization really help me here? Why do I ask this, because an island is often prone to the vagaries of mother nature: Lava, Flooding, Typhoon, Hurricane, Earthquakes, humidity, desert, power fluctuations, etc. The list is pretty endless. So how would you move a business to or from an Island? Is this where the Cloud becomes a mature component? If so how much cloud do you need?

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