Startups Use Distributed Cloud to Heat Homes

One of the big challenges of cloud scale data center operation is determining what to do with the waste heat. In a typical data center, cooling systems account for roughly forty percent of capital equipment costs, and thirty percent of the …
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Microsoft’s Project Catapult Puts Custom Chips in the Cloud

Microsoft is testing a new server technology with Project Catapult that is likely to play an important role in future cloud computing environments—a server technology that can dramatically increase the performance of some data center workloads and breathe fresh life …
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Skills Needed for the Data Center of Tomorrow

Last week I did a post regarding the future in the cloud computing space that focused primarily on the large number of unfilled positions in the modern-day data center. Employment options for this space should be rich and plentiful for the …
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Dell Continues Software and Services Expansion with Euro Cloud Investment

With the bottom falling out of the box shifting business, Dell continues its efforts to refocus it’s business along more profitable lines. Dell first announced the appropriately named Dell Cloud at VMworld Las Vegas last August based out of its Plan0 Texas Data Center. Now it has set its sights on the rapidly growing European market with a UK data center hosting its Euro Cloud that is set to open its doors on August 31. Needless to say, Dell is not content to offer a cloud-based service without doing what it can to support its manufacturing division.