Additional Thoughts on Criteria for Your Business Case Development

In a previous post, I talked about developing a criteria triangle, with the bottom being the systems/data layer, the middle the objectives/tactics layer, and the peak the strategic results layer. The objective is to make sure the criteria that you select hit in …
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Criteria Are Critical to Your Business Case

A key step in putting together a business case is to ask, “Who cares about what?” “Who” is your audience: the decision makers. “What” is their criteria. The purpose of this step is to accurately determine your audience for your business case and the factors …
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Evaluating Clouds

When evaluating clouds there are three major criteria that are used first before we get into the nitty gritty of how the system works. The criteria is not always in writing but it is in the back of everyone’s mind and in many cases are nebulous to define. Herein, I will try to look at those criteria in order to aid others in making the same decisions I have had to make lately while evaluating clouds.