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DaaS vs VDI — Costs Compared

During a recent briefing from a DaaS startup, I was surprised to hear the vendor report that he was seeing interest from enterprise customers looking to DaaS because they were unable to make the numbers work for a server-hosted desktop virtualization solution. This baffles me. I’m hard-pressed to think of many current circumstances where it is not possible to deliver a VDI solution for less than the cost of a comparable managed distributed desktop implementation. I’m even more puzzled that anyone believes that it is possible to deliver DaaS for less than the cost of VDI, at least not without some degree of legerdemain. I’ll come back to the question of cost comparison between VDI and distributed desktops and how to deliver low-cost, high-performance VDI next week, but for now let’s look at the DaaS vs VDI comparison.

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Moving to the Cloud: When Does It Make Sense?

On December 18, I had an interesting Twitter conversation with Mark Thiele (@mthiele10) about moving to the cloud based on cost. There is a cost perspective to consider as cloud services can be very expensive. When does it make sense to go to the cloud? There are two scenarios to consider when talking about going to the cloud. While we were hampered by the 140-character limit, I think the message is clear.

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Can the SMB Afford Virtualization?

There has been quite a bit of debate about SMB virtualization and what vendors think they need. However, no one has really looked into whether or not the SMB market can afford virtualization. There is quite a bit of noise that states that the SMB wants everything for free, or that they will receive immediate benefits from virtualization, but can they actually afford it?

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