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AWS’s Rate of Innovation Is Unmatched

I just returned from a week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ annual conference. I have either attended or watched the live stream every year for the past several years, and I am continually amazed at the number of new services and features that AWS cranks out annually. During the course of each year, I keep reading about how the other public cloud providers are gaining ground on AWS. However, I am not seeing that. Amazon is dominating with large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Many of the big wins from the other cloud providers are in companies looking at multicloud strategies or targeting specific workload types (e.g., Google for big data workloads).

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Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Testing

I recently gave a Bright Talk session on adding security to the Agile Cloud/DevOps Development cycle. Part of this discussion addressed adding security testing as part of the process before, during, and even after continuous deployment. In other words, if we continually deploy, we must continually test. Our testing needs to be in the multi-minded parallel process we use for modern development, not the single-minded pipeline acceptable to most DevOps or agile processes. In the past, a team of people would test, each working independently to improve our software. We need similar capabilities within our automated processes. How do we achieve this? How do we add automated, continual testing? And where can we add this to our process or pipeline?

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The State of DevOps in 2016

Puppet recently published its annual State of DevOps report. Previously, its 2014 report revealed that DevOps was becoming widely accepted in the enterprise. The 2015 report explained that as enterprises become more mature with DevOps, they become higher performing and release software more frequently with better quality. This year’s report has expanded the research to include employee loyalty, security, and lean product management.

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Scale Is a Matter of Perspective

A lot of new technologies and techniques were invented and developed to enable large cloud businesses. Enterprise IT organizations are now looking at these innovations with an eye toward realizing business benefits from doing the same thing. Techniques like continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are helping cloud companies. Enterprises are looking for the same agility. Both Google and Netflix have been using containers for years, and many enterprises are adopting them now. Most of these businesses are nowhere near the size of Google, or even Netflix, yet they want to use the same techniques. The challenge is that businesses of different scales have different needs. What works at an enormous scale isn’t always right for companies that are merely huge or simply large.

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The Hidden Benefits of DevOps

DevOps is gaining serious momentum within enterprises as of late. The big business driver is the pursuit of agility and improved reliability and quality. Adopting DevOps can be challenging because it often requires drastic changes in culture, process, and technology. Those companies that have had success with DevOps often discover some hidden benefits that they may not have anticipated when they started their journey.

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DevOps: Stop Talking and Start Doing

If you are like me, you are probably tired of the endless articles talking about DevOps. Each day, you are guaranteed to see an onslaught of articles on the following topics:

  • What Is DevOps?
  • DevOps Is a Culture Change
  • DevOps Requires Empathy
  • DevOps Unicorns, or All Unicorns Started Out as Horses
  • Buy My DevOps Tools (from many vendors)
  • The Wall between Dev and Ops.

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