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Talking Immutable Infrastructure with Codeship

CodeshipYesterday I had a chat with the folks at Codeship, a continuous integration and continuous deployment platform. The topic of immutable infrastructure came up and was intriguing to me, so I thought I would write about it. So what is immutable infrastructure? The concept of immutable infrastructure is to never change your existing production servers. Instead, build new automated servers and destroy the old. This concept falls in line with the “fail forward” belief system of many modern-day DevOps evangelists who believe that tweaking servers or rolling back code from servers in highly distributed systems is too risky and causes more problems than it is worth.  Continue reading Talking Immutable Infrastructure with Codeship

How DevOps Can Help Automate the Pain Away

devops2I spent two days at PuppetConf 2013 in San Francisco this week, and the common themes were automate everything, monitor everything, provide feedback early in the process, and focus on culture. All four of those topics aligned with the DevOps movement, with the goal of faster and more reliable deliveries. Companies that can deliver software more frequently with fewer issues have a competitive advantage over those who can’t. Continue reading How DevOps Can Help Automate the Pain Away

Continuous Operations for Zero Downtime Deployments

devops2The old way of delivering software was to bundle up the software and ship it, sell the software off the shelf, or allow customers to download and install it. In the “shipping model”, it was the buyer’s responsibility to install the software, manage the uptime, patch, monitor, and manage capacity. Sometimes the buyer would perform all of those tasks themselves, or sometimes they would hire a third party to handle it for them. In either case, the buyer of the software had total control over if and when the software was updated and at what time a planned outage would occur in order to perform the patches or upgrades. Continue reading Continuous Operations for Zero Downtime Deployments

How DevOps Can Turn Fragile to Agile

agilecloudI was fortunate enough to catch the live stream of DevOpsDays, held at the tail end of the Structure 2013 conference in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. There were many really good presentations, and I picked up on a common theme. It appears, and I have seen it first hand, that there is still a lot of confusion about what DevOps really is. Some companies think it is an IT role, like some kind of super systems administrator who can also magically code like a stud programmer. These companies create a new silo called “DevOps” and defeat the whole purpose of what DevOps is intended to do. One by one, presenters at DevOpsDays stomped their feet and said “DevOps is not a role, it is a culture shift!” Continue reading How DevOps Can Turn Fragile to Agile

Cloud Scale Apps, Cloud Scale Testing

Agile Cloud DevelopmentWhile at Interop, I participated in a Tech Field Day event where Spirent was talking about their new Axon product, as well as the possibility of usage of Blitz.io. It was an interesting discussion but it gave me some food for thought. As we move to cloud scale apps based on platforms such as Pivotal (EMC World was just down the street), OpenShift, and others, we need a way to test those applications at scale. Spirent and Ixia provide these tools, but would they be used in this new model? Continue reading Cloud Scale Apps, Cloud Scale Testing