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2012: The Beginning of the End for Virtualization Management?

In the APM Digest, Andi Mann VP of Strategic Solutions for CA, predicted that “in 3-5 years Virtual System Management vendors will no longer survive, as virtualization becomes a core part of the enterprise compute fabric. Three years later this trend has definitely started, and will accelerate in 2012 as IT turns instead to hybrid IT management, recognizing that silos of standalone virtualization management is a costly and inefficient burden. Maybe 2012 is not the end of Virtualization Management, but it is going to be the start of the demise“.

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The Rise of Application Operations and the Role for Next Generation APM Solutions

In, “Is it Time to Reorganize Data Center Operations“, we proposed the IT Operations be reorganized into “Virtual Operations”, where all of the teams that were responsible for resources supporting Virtual Operations (System Engineering, Servers, LAN’s, WAN’s, SAN and Storage) all reported to one person who was responsible for ensuring the delivery of viable virtual environment. In the same post, we proposed that how applications are supported in production, get reorganized into “Application Operations” where there would be one team responsible for the operation of all applications (purchased and custom developed).

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Application Performance Management for Virtualized Applications – the VMware vFabric APM Update

When VMware announced its new management strategy (monitor – fix automatically – notify the humans), at VMworld Las Vegas, that strategy was incomplete. It was incomplete because the thing that needs monitoring to ensure service quality is the applications that deliver those services. At VMworld Europe, VMware completed the strategy by announcing vFabric Application Performance Manager (APM), and clearly tying issues with applications to automated remediation in the infrastructure.

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