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Regulatory Compliance, Slowly Catching up with Virtualization

As of this writing just a few of the regulatory compliance groups are working to encompass Virtualization. However, they are not close to anything publishable yet. What does this mean for companies that must enforce regulatory compliance? What does this mean to an auditor? The big question many are asking, is if the Compliance documents to which they must adhere do not mention virtualization, are they compliant when they virtualize? Currently whether you get down checked or not during an audit depends entirely on the auditor’s interpretation of the current non-specific guidelines. In most case its negative as there is no guidance from the compliance groups with regards to virtualization. There are also virtualization security products out there that try to enforce and report upon current compliance guides with respect to virtualization.

One such product is Catbird vCompliance, and it does a great job with the major assumption that virtualization does not matter so much as following the compliance guidelines as if the virtual machine was a physical machine. This is definitely one approach. Yet could  still run afoul the auditor that interprets the guidelines differently.

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