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How to Use the Cloud for Development, Safely

When CloudFoundry was announced, my first thought was this is a nightmare waiting to happen. Why do I think this?Because I was not thinking about Open Source developers but enterprise developers and the biggest issue with enterprise development is that the data used by developers is either made up data, but more often than not is actual production data. So the question becomes how can such data be protected when using PaaS public clouds?

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2009 – the “Long View”: Hadoop and Cloudera

In summarizing 2009 from a 2010 perspective, Bernd naturally looked at the continuing emergence of virtualization platforms, management, and the VMware/Microsoft fight.  It is also interesting to consider what would be the seminal event of 2009 when viewed from a 2020 perspective, and (without fear of immediate contradiction) I would like to suggest that 2009 will be noted for emergence of a commercial MapReduce framework.  The first such product was the Cloudera Desktop for Apache Hadoop

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