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Cloud Security Seems to Be Bolt-Ons

There are two sides to cloud security: the tenant and the provider. At the moment, it appears from both perspectives that cloud computing is using bolt-ons to create a sense of security. This is more perception than reality. Perception is what is preventing cloud adoption. What does this perception mean? Are clouds really using bolt-on technologies?

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In the Age of Cloud, You Still Need an Enterprise Architecture

I’ve been speaking a lot lately about the importance of IT governance, especially as it relates to driving cloud (public, private, hybrid) adoption in the enterprise. Although IT governance is critical to the success of having a flexible and agile enterprise, having an overarching enterprise architecture to show how all the components of the enterprise are related and to guide the decisions that affect IT is just as important.

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Skynet or Eagle Eye: You Decide

Skynet or Eagle Eye: you decide. There is a little military exercise going on in the US that you might have heard about, called “Jade Helm.” What makes this interesting for me are the computer systems that are involved in this military exercise. All militaries enjoy using acronyms for just about everything, and JADE Helm is an example of that. JADE stands for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution.” From what I can tell, this is a cloud system that is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) system and is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

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